Our Purpose

We are a central point for issue-oriented information, discussion, and links on current local, state, and national legislative issues relevant to individual citizens and groups in the Carson Valley/Northern Nevada area.

During the Nevada state legislative session (every odd year, February through May) there is a strong focus here on what is going on in the legislature. At other times we try to address the same issue categories from a broader vantage (local, state, national) and include information on candidates for public office during election years.

If you are here because you received a Call to Action about a specific item, click on the Urgent! tab above. Links to media sites providing comprehensive tracking of legislative action can be accessed from both the Urgent! tab and the News Update tab.

If you are looking for more in-depth information on a specific topic before taking action, choose from the appropriate links under the NV Legislative Issues tab above. If you are looking for a list of good basic sources for checking facts and finding non-partisan resources, start with our Master Resource List.

Information is available to all who wish to use it. In future some issue topics may host moderated discussions and registration will be necessary in order to comment; civility and decorum will be required at all times.

This website is a knowledge and action resource and is not the official website of any specific organization. Under the Links tab above you will find website addresses for many local, state, and national organizations concerned with political activities and issues. We suggest starting with an organization’s own website if you need specific information about that group’s purpose, goals, membership, and policies, including whether or not it is a partisan organization.

If you encounter any issues with this website, or you wish to make a suggestion about something to be added, please send an email to the webmaster.