NV Legislative Issues

Here we hope to help citizens engage in the legislative process by providing a space with comprehensive resource links on important issues and quick links for making your voice heard.

Our objectives specific to Nevada during legislative sessions (odd years Feb 1 – May 31) are to:

  • Use the state legislative website (and help others to do so)
  • Highlight bills to be followed
  • Develop a summary of legislation in relevant issue areas
  • Broadcast e-mails (Bill information; Call To Action; upcoming events) – [for future use]
  • Encourage attendance at legislative hearings
  • Report on bill activity

However, the eight issue areas we monitor—Criminal/Juvenile Justice; Economic Justice; Education; Environmental Justice; Gender Equity; Healthcare and Welfare; Social Justice, Voting Rights/Elections and Government—are important all the time. When the Nevada Legislature is not in session our subcommittees continue to monitor activity by our elected officials and help bring together resources you can use to understand an issue and take action with your elected representatives—local, state, and federal. (Mouse over the NV Legislative Issues tab above and the drop down menu will allow you to choose a particular issue.)

If you are looking for a list of good basic sources for checking facts and finding non-partisan resources, start with our Master Resource List.

4 ways to be better involved in Nevada’s citizen Legislature (Las Vegas Sun, 2/15/2017)