Criminal/Juvenile Justice

**Between Nevada Legislative Sessions**

Those concerned about Criminal/Juvenile Justice issues keep an eye on relevant activities and legislation at the local, state, and national levels and update relevant media links. We will post an alert if critical issues come before our elected officials and public input is appropriate.

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When the Nevada State Legislature is in session (next session begins February 2019), those concerned about Criminal/Juvenile Justice monitor legislation that affects a variety of issues, including prison reform, felon rights, the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History, supervision of sex offenders, and parole issues. (See also Social Justice under the Legislative Issues tab for civil rights, gun laws, and immigration.) Legislation on these issues usually comes under the purview of the Assembly’s Corrections, Parole, and Probation and Judiciary committees, and the Senate’s Judiciary committee.

During legislative sessions it is our goal to provide an updated Watch List of bills, links to more detailed information about legislation, and Call To Action items. The Watch List and resource links are here. Media links are here.


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