Alert April 2018

In March two bills were introduced in Congress H.R.5199 (Education Savings Accounts for Military Families Act of 2018 and S.2517 (Military Education Savings Account Act of 2018) each of these bills designed to siphon Impact Aid from public school districts to fund an Education Savings Account (ESA) program that gives children from military families a voucher to attend private schools. A list of the 1,300 school districts serving 11 million students that receive Impact Aid can be viewed here.

Read the U.S.News&World Report article for more details about Education Secretary DeVos lobbying Secretary of Defense James Mattis to get his support and the  Heritage Foundation lobbying the House and Senate Armed Services Committees to get the voucher bill tucked into the National Defense Authorization Act (the annual budget for the Department of Defense). Considering the bulk of the military community does not support this action and understands the effect it would have on Impact Aid, one has to wonder… The Network for Public Education is urging everyone to contact their representatives to oppose this action. The Network offers additional information and sample letters here.

**Between Nevada Legislative Sessions**

Those concerned about Education issues keep an eye on relevant activities and legislation at the local, state, and national levels and update relevant media links. We will post an alert above if critical issues come before our elected officials and public input is appropriate.

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When the Nevada State Legislature is in session (next session begins February 2019), those concerned about Education monitor legislation that affects a variety of issues. In any given session these may include, funding, redistricting, learning academies/apprenticeship programs, evaluation/retention of teachers, education savings accounts/voucher programs, teacher compensation, curriculum, sex education, student loans, charter schools, codes of conduct, handling of emergencies in schools, grants and scholarships, pupil achievement, technology, and others.

This legislation usually comes under the purview of the Nevada Assembly’s Education Committee and the Senate’s Education Committee. However, any bill with a financial impact on the state will also have to be considered by Assembly Ways and Means and Senate Finance. From time to time, bills that affect education may come under the primary jurisdiction of other committees, such as those covering Commerce and Labor, Health and Human Services, and Government Affairs.

During legislative sessions it is our goal to provide an updated Watch List of bills, links to more detailed information about legislation, and Call To Action items. The Watch List and resource links are here. Media links are here.


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