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AAUW Education and Title IX – Education and Title IX issues as they affect education are key issues for AAUW and these websites have comprehensive information on the issues and AAUW’s position and actions taken.

National Women’s Law CenterEducation and Title IX

Economic Policy Institute – School vouchers are not a proven strategy for improving student achievement (report 2/28/2017)


The Nevada Plan for School Finance: An Overview (Legislative Counsel Bureau Fiscal Analysis Division, 2017 Legislative Session) “The Nevada Plan is a statewide, formula-based funding mechanism for public K-12 education” and this is a good source for a basic understanding of the plan’s history and operation.

Educate Nevada Now – “a non-partisan education policy organization that works to ensure that all children have access to fair, equitable, and quality educational opportunities, no matter where they live or their circumstances”

Clark County School District (CCSD) – when the Nevada legislature is in session, the Government Affairs Department keeps updated information

Nevada State Education AssociationLegislative Action Center

Washoe County School District – Government Affairs


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